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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How To Spot a Fake Armani Suit

How To Spot a Fake Armani Suit

You're a fashion-conscious guy and you're ready to lay down some money on an Armani, or maybe you've been buying them for years but you're looking to take advantage of some of the amazing deals available online, and you want to save yourself some of that hard-earned cash. Don't take any chances when buying online, follow these tips and you can guarantee that you've minimized the risk of purchasing a fake Armani suit. After all, I deal is only good if you end up buying what you actually wanted!

Although the Armani name is on several lines there are only a few that you need to focus on if you are buying a suit: Mani, Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni Giorgio Armani and Giorgio Armani Classico. Although Armani Privé also makes suits, these are custom made and not authorized for sale in stores, if you see one of these online, it is almost certainly a fake.

So, how do you tell an authentic from a fake? There are some quick and easy things to look for that should have you well on your way. For starters, Armani never uses patterned linings on the inside of his suit jackets. No Armani eagle or other patterns, just plain silk or rayon. Similarly, Armani does not put any kind of logo or name on the buttons of his jackets. These are big and immediate tip-offs that are easy to spot. Another warning flag to look out for right away is whether or not the picture contains an image of the label. No label? Move along. Even if the label is shown though, it might still be a fake, here are some more points to consider. Location: Armani jacket labels are always on the right side, above the inside pocket. If it's on the left, or below the pocket you've found another fake. Similarly, if the label shows an eagle on it (unless it's Emporio Armani), you're being taken for a ride. The labels for the various lines are as follows:

Mani - Currently a black label that says simply, "Mani" in white lettering. Previously a white label with Black lettering stating simply, "Mani" or "Mani, made in Italy"

Emporio Armani - hangtag is white with black lettering stating, "Emporio Armani". The new ones will have an eagle on them, note this is the only label that has an eagle.

Armani Collezioni - the new label is a white square with the words "Armani Collezioni, made in Italy". The older labels are a white rectangle and say either, "Giorgio Armani Collezioni, Made in Italy" or "Giorgio Armani, Made in Italy". Typically, there is also a small tab that shows the country of origin, which should be Italy, or sometimes Portugal, Spain or Turkey.

Giorgio Armani - the label is black with white lettering and states very simply, "Giorgio Armani, Made in Italy" Prior labels share the same color scheme and state either "Giorgio Armani A Milano Borgonuovo 21" or Giorgio Armani Couture, Made in Italy". All these suits should also have a a black colar tag that states, "made in Italy" and include a label listing the manufacturer as Vestimenta S.p.A

Giorgio Armani Classico - labels are blue with white lettering, new labels state, "Giorgio Armani Classico, Made in Italy". Older labels say, "Giorgio Armani Classico, A Milano Borgonuovo 21".

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