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Monday, May 12, 2008


nothing worth more in this world ....i lost her when i need her...she left me when i really need her love...her advice... and almost her cook that make me lost my appetite these day...she fight with her diabetes with all patient that no one will not have am i wonder that i really miss her much...but God love her more than i do to my lovely great late mom, HAJAH SABARIAH BTE HARUN...i miss you mom....-biokapitalis 01.04am tuesday may 13 2008...


Friday, May 9, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oldest Known” Pair Of Levi’s® Jeans Showcased On The History Channel’s History’s Lost & Found Sold For Record $46,532.00 On eBay- May 24, 2001

Jeans Return Home to Levi Strauss & Co.
Exact Replica of Historic Jeans to be Made Available to the Public as Part of the Levi’s® Vintage Clothing Collection

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 24, 2001 – Through a special auction presented by The History Channel®, eBay and Butterfields, the “oldest known” pair of Levi’s® jeans in existence was sold tonight for $46,532.00 to Levi Strauss & Co. These authenticated 1880s jeans had an estimated value between $25,000 and $35,000 according to appraisers at Butterfields Auctioneers. Selling for $46,532.00 in a last-minute bidding war on eBay, the jeans have now set a record as the highest price ever paid for a pair of denim. All proceeds from the sale will go to the individual seller of the jeans, who consigned the item to Butterfields and wishes to remain anonymous.

Through a joint effort, these jeans were featured on History Channel’s History’s Lost & Found Auction Block and simultaneously listed on eBay in a seven-day auction, from May 17 through May 24 at and . History’s Lost & Found, which airs Monday through Friday at 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. ET/PT, takes viewers on a wild scavenger hunt through history tracking down long lost objects and artifacts that have significantly changed our world. The winning bid will be announced on Friday’s program, May 25.

“I’m thrilled that the world’s oldest pair of Levi’s jeans have come home after more than 110 years,” said Bob Haas, chairman of Levi Strauss & Co. and the great-great-grandnephew of the company's founder, Levi Strauss. “This is an important piece of our company’s history and it’s great that they will now be preserved in our archives.”

“Levi Strauss & Co. invented the first pair of jeans in 1873, which have since become one of the most enduring icons of our time,” said Lynn Downey, Levi Strauss & Co. historian. “Our archives are filled with examples of our nearly 130-year tradition of innovation, the riveted blue jean.”

Collecting vintage denim is a worldwide phenomenon. But not everyone can buy $46,532 vintage jeans. To bring this historical find to the public, an exact replica will be produced for the Levi's® Vintage Clothing line, a collection dedicated to reproducing select archival pieces in the most minute detail from the Levi Strauss & Co. archive. The 1880s jean will be replicated with the original details, including the unique "tool pocket" located on the left thigh, the fabric, fit, buttons and stitching. Levi's Vintage Clothing is produced at the world's oldest LS&CO. factory on Valencia Street in San Francisco, and will be available for fall 2001 with a retail price of about $250. The jeans will be available at Levi's® Stores in San Francisco, New York, London, Berlin, as well as Selvedge in New York, Cinch in London, Zinc in Barcelona, B-Fly in Milan, Buttenheim in Berlin and Nim in Paris.

*picture above is one of a pair of levi's 1940s in my 6 years is 501xx buckle back made in usa ... still in good condition to wear ..but seems like its hard to find nowadays....i rarely worn it...

How To Spot a Fake Armani Suit

How To Spot a Fake Armani Suit

You're a fashion-conscious guy and you're ready to lay down some money on an Armani, or maybe you've been buying them for years but you're looking to take advantage of some of the amazing deals available online, and you want to save yourself some of that hard-earned cash. Don't take any chances when buying online, follow these tips and you can guarantee that you've minimized the risk of purchasing a fake Armani suit. After all, I deal is only good if you end up buying what you actually wanted!

Although the Armani name is on several lines there are only a few that you need to focus on if you are buying a suit: Mani, Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni Giorgio Armani and Giorgio Armani Classico. Although Armani Privé also makes suits, these are custom made and not authorized for sale in stores, if you see one of these online, it is almost certainly a fake.

So, how do you tell an authentic from a fake? There are some quick and easy things to look for that should have you well on your way. For starters, Armani never uses patterned linings on the inside of his suit jackets. No Armani eagle or other patterns, just plain silk or rayon. Similarly, Armani does not put any kind of logo or name on the buttons of his jackets. These are big and immediate tip-offs that are easy to spot. Another warning flag to look out for right away is whether or not the picture contains an image of the label. No label? Move along. Even if the label is shown though, it might still be a fake, here are some more points to consider. Location: Armani jacket labels are always on the right side, above the inside pocket. If it's on the left, or below the pocket you've found another fake. Similarly, if the label shows an eagle on it (unless it's Emporio Armani), you're being taken for a ride. The labels for the various lines are as follows:

Mani - Currently a black label that says simply, "Mani" in white lettering. Previously a white label with Black lettering stating simply, "Mani" or "Mani, made in Italy"

Emporio Armani - hangtag is white with black lettering stating, "Emporio Armani". The new ones will have an eagle on them, note this is the only label that has an eagle.

Armani Collezioni - the new label is a white square with the words "Armani Collezioni, made in Italy". The older labels are a white rectangle and say either, "Giorgio Armani Collezioni, Made in Italy" or "Giorgio Armani, Made in Italy". Typically, there is also a small tab that shows the country of origin, which should be Italy, or sometimes Portugal, Spain or Turkey.

Giorgio Armani - the label is black with white lettering and states very simply, "Giorgio Armani, Made in Italy" Prior labels share the same color scheme and state either "Giorgio Armani A Milano Borgonuovo 21" or Giorgio Armani Couture, Made in Italy". All these suits should also have a a black colar tag that states, "made in Italy" and include a label listing the manufacturer as Vestimenta S.p.A

Giorgio Armani Classico - labels are blue with white lettering, new labels state, "Giorgio Armani Classico, Made in Italy". Older labels say, "Giorgio Armani Classico, A Milano Borgonuovo 21".

can view at my photopages or my flickr...


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Thursday, April 3, 2008

harley davidson,cbr 600rr and aprilia classic 125 ...

last a few days..a friend of mine asked me to find a bike that he was dreams for a long time...i just remember my old days back when i struggled with my classic aprilia colour.. that was my first bike until i got an accident.... my leg fingers broke ....hehhehe...then i stopped riding him....and now just dreaming 'harley davidson' friends ask me to make a deal (he knows i was good at negotiable) with a biker at Kajang that wish to sell his cbr 600rr '06...what a wonderful bike with yoshimura pipe system and the sounds very great... ..this bike got security system too..maybe for me, harley have a great boop..boop..boop.booop sound...hehheeh.with a long chat and shared our experience about the big bike world ...lastly we came back home with our hope that cbr owner would accept our offer price ..heheheh.and insyaallah..with a God permission...i will ride harley davidson someday...hope everyone comfortable with sound of my dream harley davidson below...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

my olskool car....

last night...with aidil and his cousin,'am'...we try to settle up the amplifier for my olskool car radio installation...alhamdulillah everything just done like He said...spek busy with his new paintball gun 'ego 7'...he looks too happy and busy with his new gun....and hope after this he's team will win the paintball league...insya allah ...nuat chat with his gf via cell phone ..while me,aidil and am busy with our installation maybe next day after complete installation this amplifier...i will hear the 'stairway to heaven','knocking on heavens door','no woman no cry' in live version clearly than before ..insya allah... to my lovely friends out there who loves the roots of rock like led zepp,black sabbath,dio,rainbow,whitesnake,uriah heep and all the legend rock band in 70's...don't hesitate to comment or send ur comment at my email; would love to share your story about 70's rock era .....insya allah....chiow....-biokapitalis-
p/s:lady in black - uriah heep

Friday, March 28, 2008

computer and internet new orde era...

last day when i and my old friends 'aidil' sat at the moms cook (sri serdang) restaurant and have our casual diner...we chat about it at this new era..maybe its not too late to talk about it and to refresh what we had in our head ...but i think thats the casual talk in these days ....since nowadays in every document (picture,words) have to print,so here we make some fresh list of toner and ink cartridge from all brand to all my new friends who read my blog ...maybe it expensive or cheap (depends on the price that u get b4)...hehehe..but hope it will help you to find the right thing at the affordable price...the selection will have either original condition (no 1 grade) and parallel condition (no 2 grade)...but the quality is similar to each other..(99% on the quality)...but since nowadays we talk about rising price of goods..i think we should rethinking about if anyone who have a question bout this 'thing'...don't hesitate to mail me at will reply your question asap if possible..insya Allah....-biokapitalis-


Maybe all of my friends right now been married....the happiest or nastiest world to some of people this relevant thing today,married is the way how we have to manage the life properly or just about sex only.Men and women need each other whether to improve their life or 'ruin their life'...depends on what they choose..when it comes to relationship....we called it love...or it just happen base on their 'needs'..hehehheheh..but whatever it is just make it clear...we need someone to accompany us to manage our life to be different from now on...hahahahah..but if our friends out there need cater for their food and beverage at the wedding day ...dont hesitate to call me at my i can help you to provide my catering service and canopy too...depends on how big or colourful your imagination on your biggest day ...anyway to all my friends out there 'happy colourful wedding day...hope manage your life carefully and happy till death apart'...hehehehh...wassalam....-biokapitalis-

p/ headlight...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

politik malaysia ...

alhamdulillah.pilihanraya umum ke12 telah selamat diadakan pada 08 mac 2008 yang lalu menyebabkan berlakunya banyak keputusan2 yang tak disangkakan seperti tertubuhnya kerajaan2 negeri oleh pihak pembangkang seperti yang berlaku di Selangor,Perak,Kedah dan Penang...termasuk mengekalkan kuasa mereka di Kelantan.Alhamdulillah,pakatan Barisan Nasional berjaya mengekalkan majoriti di Parlimen iaitu majoriti mudah dan bukannya majoriti 2/3seperti pada tahun 2004 untuk membentuk kerajaan pusat ...Apa yang berlaku semuanya ketentuanNya dan setiap kejadian ada hikmah dan pengajarannya..tiada apa perlu dikesalkan bagi yang kalah, cuma setiap perjalanan mesti ada pandang ke belakang bagi memberi petunjuk untuk ke hadapan..yang menang tentunya memanjat kesyukuran serta perlu atau mesti menunaikan tanggungjawab yang telah di amanahkan oleh ALLAH serta rakyat jelata bagi memastikan kemenangan itu diredhai dan disukai olehNya.Untuk para pemimpin,sebelum kepimpinan menjadi jitu,mestilah ada musyawarah atau pandang dan dengar di setiap lapisan masyarakat bagi memastikan kelancaran perjalanan sesebuah tamadun kerajaan itu berjaya dilaksanakan seperti yang telah direncanakan dalam perlaksanaan kata2 ketika berkempen dari rumah ke rumah atau ketika majlis2 perasmian bangunan2 batu serta jalan2 raya yang berturap tar dan juga ketika mewujudkan jaringan cadangan pembangunan ekonomi di empat penjuru bumi Malaysia yang makmur ini.Jangan disebabkan keselesaan berada diatas atau empuknya kerusi kulit sesebuah kepimpinan itu akan menjadikan pemimpin yang dipilih lupa serta alpa dan juga diselubungi egoisme untuk duduk bersama rakyat berlantaikan simen atau kerusi kayu getah yang keras..jangan rasa malu untuk duduk berbincang sesama manusia walaupun perbedaan baju kemeja ciptaan karyawan fesyen terkenal dan t shirt cvc atau cotton yang murah...jangan rasa perbezaan makanan nasi beriani ayam kampung dengan nasi putih lauk ikan singgang cicah budu membentuk satu belenggu perasaan yang tidak enak untuk sama2 berbincang tentang masa depan agama,bangsa dan juga tanah air.Elakkan pergaduhan sesama sendiri hingga terbukanya hijab untuk 'mereka yang lain' mentertawakan kita dan seterusnya seperti apa yang telah terjadi.Jadikan ini satu cabaran dan kesungguhan kita untuk bersatu atas perpaduan sesama kita sendiri atas dasar agama,bangsa dan tanahair yang dicintai....dan pastinya keputusan pilihanraya umum yang ke12 ini memberi satu mesej dari sudut peringatan atau kegembiraan dan juga mesej kesedihan kepada kita semua samada setiap lapisan pemimpin atau pun yang dipimpin agar bangun menghadapi segala kepahitan dan halangan untuk kita sama2 perbaiki atau memperkemaskan lagi sistem perpaduan dan kerjasama antara kita bagi memperkukuhkan lagi sistem masyarakat yang semakin hari semakin longgar....tanpa mengira status pangkat masing2 demi menghentikan barah perpaduan dan kesatuan untuk membangkitkan kembali rasa semangat perpaduan yang dirasai datuk nenek kita dahulu semasa membebaskan tanahair kita dari cengkaman penjajah..perpaduan itu tidak mengenal erti perbedaan ideologi ....dan ianya menjadi satu harapan dan tujuan serta peringatan yang kekal lama untuk diingati oleh generasi masa akan datang bagi mendalami erti sebenar 'agama,bangsa dan tanahair' itu sendiri....

how long palestine will be in chaos....

its been a very long time ago since 1960's...since this 'chaos' arrived to the holy land, many "peace declaration" had been made until today..but its been like this declaration only the wasting paper..nobody want it happen seriously...hope this land will be free from disaster...insya allah..."May ALLAH blessed Palestine and their people".AMIN..

malapetaka from the bollocks..(chaos kp)


malam yang dingin ditemani hujan rintik-rintik...membuatkan tajut cerita IHSAN di menjadi pilihan kami bertiga,(biokapitalis,ujang dan hamdi) untuk santapan mata dan minda kami bertiga ..mungkin banyak pilihan cerita televisyen di malam minggu ini tetapi dengan ada nya jaringan iklan atau preview yang di tontoni sebelum ini membuatkan penantian malam minggu ini terasa lebih santai...banyak pengajaran dan iktibar dari telemovie ini ...moga2 kami semua dan juga penonton yang lain dapat mengambil intipati untuk dijadikan pedoman,pengajaran atau juga bahan 'sendaan' sesama kawan-kawan yang lain....maka dengan itu pilihlah yang mana satu kamu suka atau bak kato NABIL (dlm persembahannya di RAJA LAWAK ASTRO),'lu pikir la sendiri' persamaan antara kami bertiga malam ini mungkin hanya disedari oleh aku sahaja (hehheheh) atau hamdi atau ujang ...pengakhiran babak telemovie ini agak menyentuh jiwa dan pemikiran kami sehingga ketiga-tiga kami agak diam seketika di babak-babak akhir telemovie ini....mungkin telemovie ini patut di tonton oleh setiap anak-anak muda termasuk kami sendiri sebagai santapan minda di malam minggu ini...alhamdulillah ....
p/s: utk kawan2 yang mana nak lirik lagu diatas (untuk buat karaoke depan computer);i'tirof..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Damai hati terang sudah
Perjalanan yang kita
Harung bersama

Pasti engkau kan bertanya
Apakah kita ini dijadi untuk mencari
Erti ikatan yang seakan dijanji

Kita insan yang berharapan
Engkau dan aku kasih dalam gelombang

Derita kuhanya lah semalam
Kau sentuh hatiku dan menggegarkan
Kemarau hiba telah kubendung

Rampaian kasihku didalam hati rindu
Berdendang dan menari lagu kita


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

NO WOMAN, NO CRY...3 version (different place) rini3 in qas qas island (penang aek)??..

Republic Of Brickfields Nationwide Tour. Live In Penang 27/05/2007 Church Street Cafe. ROOTS,REGGAE,RASTA..

Republic of Brickfields - Bob Marley's No Women No Cry cover. (live@Zouk KL)

Bob is recalling a deeply personal experience in his youth when he and his friends came close to starvation. Vincent Ford ran a soup kitchen in Trenchtown and literally saved their lives on occasions. It is said that on Fords death bed Bob said to his wife "No woman nuh cry" Bob knew he was going to a better place. "The Government Yard" refers to a ghetto in Trenchtown and "nuh" in Jamaica means don't. "My feet is my only carriage, Everythings gonna be alright" is a testament to his faith.

Biokapitalis opinions; depends on what kind of ppl listening to this great song..for has 2 meaning...which one is told the ppl actually women in this world..."no! cry..." n women have to face this reality world even its good or bad..women nowadays had changed... n other is for man who lost their capability of trust to woman according their unsuccesful love relationship history..but it depends...that was only my review ...coz this great song is like 'mesti' didengar everyday to me...n for those who enjoy listening this song especially my friends frm penang;rini3...its just the great song wif so many meaning...we have to listen carefully coz jamaican slang different to british or us english slanga...

The Fugees & Stephen Marley - No Woman, No Cry (MUSIC VIDEO)

Monday, January 7, 2008 all my frenz who always been bz asking me to write sumting new...

2008...?!its been a while...while im thinking what should i do in this glorious year...ppl always think bout their new ambitious...even they did not achieve what they want at 2007....malam tahun baru bersama seseorg yang ku panggil tok ayah memberi aku banyak idea untuk di laksanakan dan dipraktikkan....keyword untuk tahun 2008,"apa faedahnya"?!golongan khawarij yang sentiasa menncari peluang untuk memecah belahkan persaudaraan kita sesama insan muslim yang lain...apa faedahnya???!!menaruh prasangka buruk pada golongan yang hendak mencari siapa TUANNYA....apa faedahnya??!lihat ke dalam dasar diri kita,adakah kita sempurna dibandingkan dengan binatang yang tidak akan mengingati atau menziarahi ibu bapanya yang telah mati.....apakah yang kita buat untuk ibu bapa kita yang telah tiada...?adakah pernah terfikir oleh kita untuk mendoakan kesejahteraan kedua ibubapa samada yang hidup atau yang telah pergi menyahut seruanNya...?atau adakah sifat keduniaan yang kita sibukkan melebihi perhatian dan kasih sayang kita terhadap ibubapa kita??adakah kita mampu untuk membawa kedua ibubapa kita ke liang lahad nanti??apakah yang akan kita kirimkan kepada mereka untuk bekalan mereka sepanjang perjalanan yang jauh menuju ke tempat yang satu hari kita juga akan melaluinya ...??adakah sedikit benar rezeki yang dikurniakan hinggakan kita sibuk mencari rezeki walaupun zahirnya kita tahu ibubapa kita mengharapkan anak2nya datang untuk menjenguknya walaupun hanya seketika ....thanks to jasmin coz invite me and patin to attend walimatul urus her friend last sunday....and to my frenz,ujang welcome home after a long journey to trengganu and also bout the keropok lekor seberang hamdi;hope will continue ur study next sem....hahahahah..(anugerah jelapang padi bila grad nnt)insya allah...and to all my frens outhere (aidil,patin,karam,pendek,nuat,hamdan,spek the ensem n who the name that i forget to list here,my x smsj maran pahang 1993-1995,mjsc beseri perlis (1996-1997)and all of you who read this..may ALLAH blessing you always......assalamualaikum...-biokapitalis-

p/s;lupa nak terima kasih pada patin,hamdi,karam n lahad to bring me some souvenir from their journey to medan last a few weeks...topi jawa,kek lapis,keychain...n spiso piso shirt ....akan ku simpan jika diizinkan...hehehheeheh

Saturday, January 5, 2008

meeting at air terjun gabai

form left to right;patin,biokapitalis n ujang the great.....apakah persamaan yang dapat membuktikan eratnya sebuah ikatan persahabatan yg terjalin hampir 10 tahun semenjak kami meninggalkan kg tok jembal,terengganu....banyak suka duka,pahit manis,kelat,masam,sedih,gembira dikongsi bersama...apa yang dibincangkan malam itu mungkin....bilakah kami bertiga akan mengakhiri zaman bujang ...???dan siapakah antara kami yang terawal mungkin menamatkan zaman teruna?! antara kami ujang yang paling ensem aek?tul tak patin???-biokapitalis-
p/s;moga persahabatan ini akan terus kekal..insya allah..